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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Where are your products made?

Since 2016, the majority of our products are bought from American Apparel Wholesale, all made in the USA. Here is a word from their CEO,


"Sustainability is not only smart for our environment, but also for our company. In the past decades, it has become the norm for apparel companies to move their manufacturing operations abroad to third party vendors. American Apparel has kept it local. Our vertically integrated business model shrinks our carbon footprint, as the materials are not shipped back and forth internationally, across thousands of miles, in the production process. As you can imagine, most garments you buy are the sum of several entities - knitted in one place, dyed in another, sold wholesale somewhere else and finally cut and sewn. We do our own knitting, dyeing, cutting and sewing in-house which means we can ensure adherence with US environmental regulations with regards to effluents, waste disposal, airborne particulate matter, and many others. American Apparel is American-made from start to finish and will continue to be. And with our recently launched organic shirts, you can see and feel the results of our efforts. A great fit, incredibly soft fabric, vibrant color and sustainable!"


How do I place an order?​

Add an item from our SHOP tab into your cart, Go to the CART tab for checkout and complete the payment process.


How long does it take to recieve my products?

Standard shipping across the USA usually takes 2-7 business days, from the day your order is fulfilled and processed. A tracking number will be sent to the email you provide for your order.