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  • Matthew Owens

Kingdom Business Features - 1 of 12

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Each month of the 2018 year we are going to be featuring people who own, run, or are involved with a Kingdom Business.

Kingdom Business: "A business that makes Kingdom Impact through influencing change within the community it serves, the people it touches, the industry it is involved in, while bringing transformation to the land."

The people and businesses that we feature will serve as examples of what we desire to do with Plane N Simple. Our purpose behind doing this is simply to champion fellow believers and companies that glorify the Kingdom through the business they are involved with. We want to recognize and celebrate fellow friends, loved ones, and family in the Kingdom.

JANUARY ( 1 of 12 )

Byron Owens & Jeff Cox Vesture Corporation & Phase Change Energy Solutions

Byron Owens just happens to be my father. He is the man that I have wanted to be like my entire life. There's nothing about Byron that doesn't portray Jesus. Without him Plane N Simple wouldn't exist. He was born an entrepreneur. Grew up on a farm, served in the Air Force, started multiple companies... His character and drive is what motivated me at a young age with sports, buying & selling things, to countless amounts of business endeavors. Nevertheless, he always kept the main thing the main thing... Jesus. Dad would always talk to me about priorities. We have to keep our priorities inline with what the Bible says. All in all, seeing the way my dad has run his businesses over the years is what propelled me to starting this one back in 2014. Back in 1987 he co-founded Vesture Corporation which became a leading provider of thermal innovations, such as the pizza delivery bag.

Jeff is a dear friend of ours at Plane N Simple. Mr. Cox is a 30 year veteran in the advertising industry and started and led his own firm to a multi-million dollar business. He has helped us out with several Plane N Simple logos. He's a Photoshop craftsman, and we couldn't thank him enough for what he's taught us.

Later on, Byron and Jeff met and began working together. They joined up and now both manage Phase Change Energy Solutions since 2011 in Asheboro, NC. Through Vesture & Phase Change, these two men have created countless amounts of jobs for their community, been a shining and positive light in the industry that they work in, and represented the Kingdom by living like Jesus. As they work together on a daily basis, they have opportunities to minister and serve their employees by living and walking humbly inline with the Word. It is evident that they are more than businessmen... by allowing their roots to run deep into God's nature, their character naturally flows into their businesses.

We at Plane N Simple champion and thank Byron & Jeff for the kind of people they are, for the high-standard they hold their businesses to, and most importantly for glorifying the Kingdom in everything that they do. ( www.phasechange.com )

Feel free to pray for these men and their businesses!

Expect an update each month with our Kingdom Business Features.


- Matt