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A man named Oswald Chambers once said, “You can never set apart for God something that you desire for yourself to achieve your own satisfaction. If you try to satisfy yourself with a blessing from God, it will corrupt you. You must sacrifice it, pouring it out to God — something that your common sense says is an absurd waste.” What are some things our common sense may say to never give away? Money, valued possessions, friendships, even love? If we always keep blessings to ourselves and never learn to pour out anything to the Lord, other people will never have their vision of God expanded through us. 


Ever since the founding of this company back in November of 2014, I have desired for the brand to be about something bigger than itself. I was young when we first started, only 16. Once we established some footing for ourselves, we started to search for a way to give back. For years, we never found it. We gave to Make-A-Wish San Diego for awhile, but never felt that it was “it”. Owning a business creates an open door for many temptations. One of those for us was what Oswald was talking about…  Holding onto our earnings was always important because we have to reinvest them in the retail industry. However, as a believer we are called to “Honor the Lord with our wealth, with the first fruits of all our crops” - Proverbs 3:9. To be very honest, sometimes, our commonsense got the best of us when it came to pouring out our money at the feet of Jesus. At the end of the day, it is greater to give than receive, and that is what this message is about.

I did a Discipleship Training School (DTS) through an organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM) back in 2017. My heart, perspective, and entire life, was changed forever after that 6 month school. I went onto staff the next school in 2018. Over my time at YWAM, I met a plethora of people who have devoted their lives to God first and foremost, but also to what Jesus told us to do…  “Go and make disciples of all nations” - Matthew 28:17. We are called first to be a disciple of Jesus, then to disciple others. How else would the Kingdom expand here on earth? 

"If your vision doesn’t go past your grave, you better ask for a greater vision." - Ken Helser

All that to say, from this point forward (October 4th, 2019) Plane N Simple will be honoring God with 10% of our monthly profits by giving them to various people within YWAM. Missionaries don’t have salaries. People at YWAM raise their own monthly and annual support to be able to live their lives and provide for their families. With that said, I’d like to introduce you to Mike and Megan Schein!

Mike and Megan are dear friends of mine. They are school leaders with a school called Awaken. Awaken is a group of unlikely friends centered around the presence of God. They aim to awaken people to their identity in the Father and then guide them into their callings. Mike and Megan just got married in 2018, and have been on staff with Awaken since 2015!

Mike is a strapping lad from South Africa and Megan is a beautiful young lady from Ohio/England/All over the place! These two have made an impact on my life personally, which is why Plane N Simple wants to start by supporting them monthly. They use their support to pay for monthly rent, bills, food, flights for schools, and a long list of more expenses.

A friend of mine says, “If your vision doesn’t go past your grave, you better ask for a greater vision.” That’s what life’s about! We have to make our lives about something greater than ourselves! What this couple is doing on a day-to-day basis goes well beyond their grave. Every month of the year they are walking with students who come in that may be lost, broken, and confused. By being good stewards of Jesus’ message to disciple the nations, Mike and Meg help students see the Father in Heaven for who He truly is. God opens their eyes and awakens their hearts into who they are meant to be.

As Plane N Simple ventures into pouring out our blessings to God, we ask that you’d support us in the process! We invite you to join the dreams of the Schein's, Awaken, and YWAM of committing to train and equip people to actively engage in our calling as followers of Jesus! If you would like to hear more from Mike and Megan, support them, or just send them a message, you can simply email Mike here: 




If you’d like to know more about YWAM or Awaken DTS, you can visit their websites here: 

Join us in praying and supporting Mike and Megan and their journey down life. We look forward to keeping you updated with everything they’re doing!



Matt Owens

Co-Founder Plane N Simple